The Intern Hat.

Haven’t you been tweeting about this for, like, months…?

FINE. You caught me out, I’m late to my own party…  For the benefit of those who haven’t seen my incessant #intern tweets in the last few months, I’M AN INTERN! 🎉

Hold on, I thought you were doing a PhD?  Now you’re an intern? I can’t keep up…

CALM DOWN. This is a temporary hat. And it doesn’t mean I’ll be getting doing coffee runs.


My lovely funders SGSAH run an internship and artist-in-residence scheme for doctoral researchers in the arts and humanities in Scotland.  In October last year I applied for an advertised internship with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, to look at the application of and engagement with the BBC Ten Pieces Initiative, and I got it!

BBC Ten Pieces? What is that?

What, you mean you haven’t heard of it?  JK, here’s the lowdown.

Ten Pieces is a classical music education initiative from BBC Learning, with an aim to showcase the diversity of orchestral music, and its potential to inspire creativity.  All of the BBC Performing Groups are involved, and there are lots of celebrity ambassadors.  You can find out more here.

So, what exactly are you going to be doing, Miss Intern?

As a BBC Performing Group, the SSO have been using Ten Pieces in some of their education work, and for family concerts.  During my internship, I’ll be getting involved with some of this work, and finding out from everyone involved what they think of Ten Pieces.  A lot of Ten Pieces activity in Scotland happens through direct connection with BBC Learning, rather than the orchestra, and some of it happens without any intervention from the BBC, so I’m keen to find out who is using it and how.

On that note, it’s already coming in quite handy that I know a lot of people.*

* I know EVERYONE.

So I’m enjoying being able to join the dots between lots of existing and new contacts the dots in this internship, hopefully leaving the internship with more channels of communication between everyone.  I can’t say too much more at this stage (top secret!) but keep an eye on the SGSAH blog – where, incidentally, you can find out what other interns have been up to – and I’ll hopefully share more there…

What can I do for you, Miss Intern?

Well, since you’re offering… I’m really interested in hearing from anyone who’s been using Ten Pieces in Scotland, so if you have – or someone you know has – please complete and share my questionnaire!  Or drop me an email at or tweet me, or leave your details below and I’ll get back to you!




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