2017: Things I’m looking forward to.

Rather than making resolutions that are rarely resolved, I thought I’d make a list of things I’m looking forward to doing this year that will actually happen.

  • Enacting Operation Finish Line to get to the end of this PhD journey, with the Rory to my Paris, MC.
  • Wearing all of the shoes I forgot I had, and walking a few inches taller more often.
  • The next chapter of Snapcat adventures of Sheepus, Joyous, Tomkipomki and Pina Poppy Colada Louise, Queen of Snapcats.
  • Planning the Big BAAM Reunion.
  • Bringing more noise and havoc to Alison House with my Fofficemates.
  • Eating normal food once the braces come off. Which will be this year.
  • Being a #GlamAcademic & taking the conference circuit by storm with Kate and our travelling nail art.
  • Continuing to embarrass myself at conferences with my less-than-academic tweeting.
  • Embarking on literary and musical writing adventures with kindred spirits.
  • Brunchy time and rating the cheese toasties of Glasgow with my favourite Fox.

There are several other fun things in the works, except they’re TOP SECRET so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to find out what they are…


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