Molar, unerupted.

So there’s good news and bad news.

Good news

No more tiny elastics!  

Bad news

1. The naughty tooth is being stubborn and has decided it’s not going to break the gum on its own… so I’ve been referred for surgery.  The rough plan is: cut gum open, attach chain to tooth, orthodontist uses chain to pull tooth up. FUN.  Silver lining – I’m so busy right now that I don’t have time to have the surgery, so maybe the tooth with take the hint and make it on its own… Seriously, if anyone knows how to speed this up PLEASE TELL ME. 

This feels like an accurate description of my relationship with the naughty tooth right now.

2. Teething seems to be the only logical explanation for my current eczema flare up. Apparently other eczema triggers are stress (HA!) and general anxiety (SERIOUSLY?!).  Silver lining – I’ve discovered soap nuts (THANKS JOY!). 

So, it looks like my orthodontic journey isn’t going to be over in 2016.

43 weeks of #braceface, still craving apples…

A summary of the 27th year of my life.



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