*yawn* *ping* “ow!”

Today I entered a new phase in my orthodontic treatment – rubber bands. For the uninitiated, that’s tiny wee rubber bands that hook around the bottom and top teeth, connecting the upper and lower jaw. It looks and feels as bad as it sounds.

It’s possibly worse that I went through this the first time I had braces, because I already know that any of the following will result in *ping* and “ow!”:

  • yawning (which happens a lot when you commute 4+ hours a day)
  • eating (unless I can find a teeny tiny cutlery set & eat everything in teeny tiny pieces)
  • sneezing (unpredictable + unstoppable = the worst, not to mention hayfever…)
  • singing (no more car-aoke, nearly snapped an elastic on my drive home tonight)
  • laughing (problem – I do this a LOT. Dear friends, you may have to stop being so funny for a while…)

Should any of this happen in public, please don’t be alarmed if a rubber band flies out of my mouth and lands near you – I apologise in advance. Also excuse my reaction to the pain of it snapping against my gum.

I guess I’ll find out tonight if I yawn/sneeze in my sleep, because if I do, chances are there won’t be any rubber bands in my mouth when I wake up…

Good news is I can feel the naughty tooth (the entire reason I have braces) pushing its way in, so hopefully things will move quickly… My lovely friend and PhD pal Joy shared this wee comic from The Awkward Yeti with me a while back – it sums up my “why I have braces” story well:

Derpy Tooth breaks some important rules of the jaw

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