WARNING: I can still play the piccolo

You might want to invest in some earplugs if you use the Alison House practice rooms. 🙉

(sidenote: I very recently found the emoji keyboard on my computer)

One of the things I thought would be near impossible with braces was piccolo playing. SORRY PALS, I was wrong.  Very wrong.  Which is great for me!  Sadly, not so great for the 2nd violin section of Glasgow Studio Orchestra – you have not escaped from my super Cs this time, and should really buy some ear plugs.  I thought piccolo playing really wasn’t going to happen (which would have been a shame since I was making some real progress with ridiculously high notes), and there is obviously still some readjusting to do, but I’m happy to say I will be continuing on piccolo as usual with the orchestra for our March concert.

Come and hear us play…

While I’m still getting to grips with flute playing, I’m also now on the other side of my first gig with braces 🎉and it was pretty awesome!  If anything, I’m now finding that having braces is making me more conscious of what I’m doing, forcing me to find non-existent hours to practice, and I’m determined to not let braces get in the way of playing.

I’ve also noticed that my flute sound is in some ways has more resonance than it did before braces.

The sort of technical bit… 

I think the reason I’m finding more resonance in my flute sound is that the braces make my lips sit that little bit further away, and technically there is actually more room in my mouth.  For now.  The potential downside to this is that:

a) the reason I have braces right now is because a yet unseen tooth is invading my mouth, so by the time I get the braces off, there will be an extra tooth squeezed in;

b) my lips also won’t sit this far away from my teeth without braces, so I’m losing even more space.

That said, all I can do is wait until they are off and then try to figure things out again.

What was all the fuss about?!

Okay, maybe I panicked a bit about playing with braces, but it did take a long three weeks to be able to reliably pitch some notes.  Just as well since I had a gig in week 4.  The challenge now is to get into the things that were already tricky before braces, and keep improving my playing, now that I’m over the worst of the adjustments.  Flexibility in certain registers is still tricky – more than anything, just because the braces get caught on my gums, which is just not fun – but this isn’t so bad after all. 😁