Brace Face

The time has come.  I said a while ago that getting braces was on the cards, as the safest solution to a tooth problem, and today I got train tracks fitted for the second time in my life, and hopefully the last.

Last time, I was in my early teens, had maybe been playing flute for a year before, and didn’t think too much of it since everyone had them.

This time around, I’m juggling flute-playing work commitments, PhD related things like fieldwork, presentations and other things that involve me speaking to people, and I’m in a bit more of a hurry to get this over with.

Where that leaves me, is with a short-term mission to adjust my flute playing, what sounds like an uphill struggle to try and re-conquer piccolo playing, and a year (hopefully no more) of eating only things that barely need chewed. I’m also off anything that might stain my teeth (yes, an Indian avoiding turmeric, wish me luck) since I opted for ceramics on my top teeth to make myself feel a little better about it all (and so that I look more like 26 years old and not 16).

Today I’m learning how to talk clearly, deal with food and getting used to the pain. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be less grumpy, be able to get through a fieldwork interview without dribbling, and have a go at fluting.

I’m going to go now, and make the first of many batches of soup I’ll be seeing over the next wee while… if anyone has exciting recipes, please share them.

Tomorrow or Thursday you’ll find out how I get on with my flute.





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