My week in numbers.

I had a meeting at SGSAH HQ this morning, which got me reflecting on some Summer School training I took part in back in June…

Of all of the training I’ve done this year, I have to say Chris Russell’s PhD project management course was the biggest surprise.  I thought about the PhD, as a process and a product, in ways I hadn’t considered before, and picked up some helpful tools for day-to-day working.  One of the most useful tasks, though, was to look at my week in hours to get perspective on what I’m doing, then think about what my ideal week might look like in hours, and then take baby steps towards that ideal week.

So here's roughly what I started with:
46 hours sleeping
30 hours in the office
18 hours cooking/eating
16 hours on social media
15 hours on trains
10 hours doing admin
8 hours watching tv
7 hours getting ready
6 hours at rehearsals
6 hours at non-PhD work
2.5 hours driving
2 hours doing my hair
1.5 hour painting my nails

Now begins the task of adjusting it...

What does your week look like in numbers?

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