My version of the REF – Research Event Food

Since I seem to be a conference/research event addict, I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to the food I’ve eaten at some of the various events I’ve attended.  I will add to this every now and again, but here are a few highlights to start, in no particular order…

  1. SAME Conference 2015, University of Stirling – THREE COURSE MEAL!  Possibly the only time I’ve had a 3 course meal for lunch at a conference, including a salad bar and a choice of 3 cakes for dessert.  While the food was great, eating so much made me want a nap before the afternoon sessions…
  2. BERA Social Justice SIG seminar, BERA Conf 2015, Queen’s University Belfast – nothing says “education conference” like queuing up to collect your packed lunch bag, complete with a piece of fruit, chocolate bar and bag of Tayto crisps!  #backtoschool
  3. SGSAH Research Blogging Training, University of Glasgow – Scones, glorious scones.

Screenshot (14 Sep 2015 23:20:20)

4.  EdD Conference, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge – ALL OF THE CAKE.  I’m pretty sure I came home from this conference quite a bit heavier than I arrived.  So. Much. Cake.
5.  University of Edinburgh catering do very addictive chilli rice crackers.  Be prepared to eat an entire bowl if you’re at any reception events on campus.
6. I went down to Keele University for the AHRC North West Consortium PG conference and we had a lovely dinner at Keele Hall. I definitely came home heavier than I arrived, for I had not one but THREE pieces of cheesecake for dessert. Decisions are not my strong point – word to the wise, I don’t make selections for dessert, I eat them all.

Because one type of cheesecake is never enough...
Because one type of cheesecake is never enough…

7. A new entry and a first for the University of Strathclyde TIC cafe.  It would be an understatement to say this is an improvement on the food options when I was a student here…  Courtesy of Sempre I had the following lovely meals at the Music and Health conference!

Yummy all around, but APPLE PIE.
Yummy all around, but APPLE PIE.
I definitely didn't see food this healthy at Toby's on Jordanhill Campus...
I definitely didn’t see food this healthy at Toby’s on Jordanhill Campus…







8. The humble risotto ball. Thanks, SGSAH.  As much as I look forward to the research that’s being shared at Doctoral Researcher Impact Showcase at The Lighthouse every Summer School, I also look forward to these little nuggets of happiness. 

little nugget of happiness
colour co-ordinated cupcakes anyone?












9. Back in August I co-ran some training in Aberdeen (did someone say boats?)… Not only did we get cupcakes, we got cupcakes THAT MATCHED OUR COLOUR SCHEME. Extra bonus points for that, well played University of Aberdeen… 

10. International Society for Community Music, I take my proverbial hats off to you. York St John University wins a prize for this epic cake selection. As Prof Lee Higgins put it, cake is, after all, the national food of community musicians… JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE SLICES!


NEW ENTRY 11. Edinburgh University makes its second appearance, this time a fancy 3-course meal, courtesy of SGSAH… click the arrow to the right to see all 3 courses and the menu…

What’s the best conference food you’ve ever had?  Comment with your top conference/university event catering experiences and I’ll add them!

Unfortunately, doing a worst food list is a bit risky but maybe one day…


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