What can I blog about as a fledgling PhD researcher?

As previously mentioned (and apparent if you saw any of my tweets this week) I took part in a two-day Research Blogging in the Arts and Humanities training event.  You can check out the resulting group blog here.  I’ve also reblogged a collaborative post that I co-authored as part of the training – see my last post for that.  Before training, I said I wasn’t sure what I would be posting on this blog.  Good news: I have a pretty clear idea now.

One of the bigger questions I was asking going into this training was, what can/should I be blogging about from an academic point of view?  My research will involve living people, so I would have to be careful about anonymising any posts about the project itself.  Then there’s the question of publications – how much can I blog about while still keeping enough aside for publications?  How do I negotiate this while the research is “in progress”?

For the moment, I’ve decided (with advice from panelists at the training event) to focus on the processes of doing my research – the more general issues, positioning myself as a researcher-activist, how I juggle my different hats with the PhD one (there’s actually a lot of hat overlap at the moment).

So, if you were hoping for juicy insights into my research project, unfortunately you won’t be getting any.  Instead, I might ask questions, practical and theoretical, in the hope that some of you can offer me advice and help me negotiate the research process.  Prepare for posts about topical issues in music education, reflections on reading, and methodological matters.


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