NEWSFLASH: Periods don’t run like clockwork.

I wasn’t sure whether I should put this post “out there”, frankly because I’ve always been told to hide the fact that I, like most women my age, menstruate.  Then tonight I saw a load of horrible, period-shaming comments on a social media post about Kiran Gandhi, the musician and Harvard Business grad, who ran the London marathon recently while on her period, and felt that I had to.

To summarise the comments I saw, most people were disgusted at her choice to not hide that she was on her period, that it was unsanitary and unnecessary to bleed freely.  The underlying reason in these responses being that she knew she was on her period before she started running that day.  But, what about those who get caught off-guard?  What would the reaction have been, for example, if she started the marathon, and got caught out by her period starting a week early?  According to these commenters, should she have stopped running?  After all of the training and preparation?  Just because of her period?

Kiran’s not saying let’s all run around bleeding freely, she made a decision for herself so that she could give the marathon her best shot.

Kiran knew she was on her period, but her bold decision also speaks out for those times when your cycle goes haywire and there’s not much you can do about it.   Guess what, periods happen, not always when we expect them, and it’s about time we stopped having to hide it or change our plans because of it.

To those who say her actions were futile, you are wrong.


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