The PhD Project

Part of the reason I (eventually) started this blog was because I am currently doing my PhD research.  While I haven’t decided how specific/vague I’ll be about my project at this stage (watch this space, I’m doing Research Blogging training with SGSAH soon), my mind is full of wider PhD-relevant questions, so you can expect lots of posts about these – and your answers are very welcome!

I’ve alluded to my research topic in The PhD Hat page, but here’s a little bit more information: Over the next 2 years, I’ll be working with a group of generalist primary teachers to help build their confidence in facilitating musical learning with their classes.  My plan is to take approaches I have seen to be inclusive and creative in non-formal learning environments, and work with teachers and learners to see how these approaches might work within the more formal classroom setting.  A wider issue that I want to address through this project is about how we treat music, in our lives and in education.   I think our beliefs about what music is, what being musical is, and who can be musical, can have a fundamental effect on our musical identities.

As I’ve said, I won’t necessarily talk about the specifics of my project on this blog, but I will be using it to share decisions I make, questions I’m asking myself, and some of the wider underlying issues my research is addressing.  The first of these will appear in the next few days…


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